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What are the Ganassi fingerings?

Titel des Lehrbuches von Ganassi
Ganassi fingerings are needed to play a Ganassi recorder. A Ganassi recorder is a renaissance instrument. It has a strong and clear sound especially in the low register. The instru­ment is particularly suitable for playing solo works by such composers as Castello, Frescobaldi and Jacob van Eyck.

The Ganassi recorder does not have double holes and the fingerings differ from the English fingering. The instruments are mostly build in 415 Hz. ­

The Ganassi recorder is modeled after a recorder described by Ganassi in his book about recorder playing. Pictures from the book and other surviving renaissance recorders were used to build today's Ganassi. It is believed that Ganassi never build a recorder himself. Sylvestro Ganassi dal Fontego was born in Venice (Italy) in 1492. In 1535 he published a tutorial about recorder playing. It was the first tutorial for this instrument. Its title was "Opera intitulata Fontegara". The picture above shows the title page.

Ganassi Blockflöte von Bodil Diesen
Ganassi recorder
by Bodil Diesen (Norway).
Instrument with two middle joints:
415 Hz (top) and
440 Hz (below).
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