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About my project

On these pages I am presenting my interactive recorder fingerings to all interested recorder players. The pages show recorder fingerings, trill fingerings, and many charts for instruments from many recorder makers.

The charts are interactive - point to the note - no click - and the fingering will be shown. Use the menu to select other fingerings or other models.

My pages present one of the largest collection of recorder fingerings in the internet. So far as I know it is the largest site worldwide with interactive recorder fingerings. - Tim Reichard, USA, has a very interesting and attractive site with woodwind fingerings, including fingering for the recorder.I do not know of any other sites which are so comprehensive. If you know one, please let me know.

Have fun with my fingerings and playing the recorder.

Winfried Bauer

I am always looking for new fingerings. Please send me a copy.
Some statistics on these pages. We show a total of 734 fingering charts. The source is my own recorder fingerings database with 4757 entries. As at 22-08-2019.
Composed using HTML, PHP, and JavaScript (Editor: SuperHTML). To display the charts your browser needs to have JavaScript enabled.
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