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Who is behind these pages?

The page Blockfloetengriffe.de was started in 2004 by Winfried Bauer (Blocki). In his spare time he played in the most famous recorders­orchestras in Germany (Recorders­orchester Mainz, Recorders­consort Dortmund). As a software­specialist for operating systems, he worked in data­processing at a time when computers could not yet be placed on tables or in a pocket, but filled entire rooms. The combination of profound expertise and enthusiasm for the recorder instrument led to this unique web project.

Behind the visible pages works an ingenious concept of databases, picture elements and program code, conceived, created and perfected by Winfried over the years. The pages are currently offered in 16 languages. This makes them the world's largest and most reliable source of information for standard and special fingerings for recorder models of all registers, epochs and manufacturers

Since August 2019 Pirmin Bauregger takes care of the maintenance and further development of the pages.

Responsible according to ยง 55 RStV: Joachim Kunath, Am Ried 7, 36041 Fulda, Germany
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